DIRECT PAYMENT The charging service at Neogy public stations with payment directly on site

The direct payment system is perfect for anyone passing through who doesn't normally use the public Neogy stations. It allows you to easily charge your vehicle without a special card, paying on the spot by credit card or paypal.



Your benefits

  • Pay only for what you actually consume, with no fixed costs
  • Access the charging station directly (without a special card or app)
  • Pay securely by credit card or paypal account 
  • Charge your car with green energy, produced locally with no CO2 emissions


How it works 

  1. Point your smartphone at the QR code on the column, a page will open: enter your details and choose whether to pay by credit card or paypal
  2. Charge your car by plugging it into the column with the charging cable
  3. You'll receive an email invoice for your charging session immediately


StationCharging TypeCost (VAT included)
Neogy Quick alternating current0,65 €/kWh
Neogy Fast direct current with power up to 75kW0,89 €/kWh
Neogy Hyper direct current with power exceeding up to 75kW0,89 €/kWh